Frequently Asked Questions

What is my checklist of items my child needs to have in school each day?

  • Sweater, sweatshirt or fleece (warm layer)
  • Rain boots and or snow boots
  • Rain paints and or snow pants
  • Raincoats and warm coats
  • Waterproof mittens and snow mitten
  • Indoor shoes
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Rain hat (wide brim all the way around) and warm hat
  • Lunch

What types of extra clothes should I bring to the school?

  • Hats
  • pants
  • socks (2)
  • underwear (2)
  • short sleeve (2) and long sleeve shirt
  • sweater or sweatshirt

Where can I find outdoor and rain gear: coats, pants, boots, hats, waterproof mittens, warm layers?

Can my child wear commercial clothing (cartoons)?

  • Ideally we would not like to see clothing with commercial cartoons, lettering on them, or dresses that are too long that would interfere with their ability to move.

Does Black River School provide a sibling discount?

  • Yes we do. Please inquire about the discount.

Do I need to pack lunch for the Afternoon Garden Program

  • Yes, all Kindergarten children as well as those PreK children who have selected the optional Extended Day Program need to bring their lunch.  Afternoon garden days.

What kind of food should I pack for my child’s lunch?

  • Preferably foods with little to no sugar. Meal and a snack or fruit.