Finding a Rhythm for Your Family

Finding A Rhythm for Your Family

Get up and go to bed at the same time every day as best you can. Have meals at the same time each day. Studies show that children and adults that go to bed at the same time every day get sleepy at the appointed time. Also having regular meal times our stomachs begin to produce digestive acids as it becomes time to eat.

The stronger the rhythm the greater the feeling of security. So have a rhythm within the rhythm and sing as much as you can. Nursery rhymes are wonderful because children’s internal rhythms are not established until they are about 10 years old. The natural rhythms in nursery rhymes help establish slower healthier heart rates, breathing, etc.

Maybe you start the day with one book in the family bed and some good snuggle time talking about your dreams from the night before, then we get dressed, make our beds, put away clothes, and head down for breakfast. Make a plan that works for your family. If your children need food first thing, then breakfast is first.

Once in the kitchen everyone gets a job and singing is good here – keep it light and fun and get silly. In this way they will want to help, to be there.

Kids can: set the table, chop apples, cook, clean. Fill the sink with warm water for the child that struggles in these transition times and let them play while maybe washing a few things. Sing/ recite nursery rhymes to shift the mood. Make up your own silly movements to the nursery rhymes as you cook and clean.

Have a rhythm to your breakfast routine. In this way children know what is coming next and what to do. This helps them establish an inner self -discipline and can alleviate discipline problems. If you know of a job they love and can do well, don’t change that. Stick to the rhythm.

Have a rhythm to the day with time for transitions in between so that there is no rushing or hurrying. Have time for cleaning up what has just happened before you move onto the next thing.



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