Kindergarten Daily Schedule

9:00 AM Arrival – Children begin the day outdoors. They enter the mud room with their parents and get dressed in rain or snow pants and appropriate boots, hats, and gloves depending on the weather.
10:15 AM All outdoor toys are tidied up and put away and children use the bathroom and wash hands for their outdoor snack.
10:30 AM Snack time and then we head down the trail for playtime by the river.
11:15 AM We head back to the mudroom to change, use the bathroom, wash hands and settle in for our Circle Time, Story Time and a short rest. Noon Lunch, clean up, and indoor play time.
1:30 PM Dismissal to go home

Afternoon Garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays

1:30 PM The children rest.
2:15 PM Outdoor play and snack.
3:15 PM Parents pick children up.