Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule

8:30 AM Arrival – Children change shoes, use the bathroom, wash hands, say goodbye to parents /caregivers at the classroom door and join the teacher at the table for the morning activity to begin the day.
9:00 AM Free Play – Children engage their imagination and social skills through engaging with friends and our open-ended toys and classroom environment.
9:45 AM Children and teachers tidy up the classroom environment and use the bathroom.
10:10 AM Circle time followed by a story and then all lie down on sheepskins for a 10 minute rest and quiet time.
10:30 AM Snack Time – Children take turns passing out napkins, tea, and snack.
A blessing is said giving thanks for our food. Children practice table manners and take turns telling stories.
10:50 AM Children use the bathroom and dress for outside play.
11:15 AM Outside play time.
12:00 PM Children get picked up on the playground to go home.

Optional Extended Day Lunch Program

PreK children who would like to stay for a bit more time can join the Kindergarten class for lunch and additional activities.  At 12:00 the children gather their lunches and proceed to the River classroom. Here the PreK and Kindergarten classes enjoy their lunch time together.

The younger children learn table manners, story telling and more from the older children. After lunch there is indoor playtime in the classroom and then parents pick children up at 1:00.

Schedule for our Afternoon Garden Program
1:00 PM Nap Time
1:45 PM Snack and Outdoor Play Time
3:00 PM Children are picked up to go home