Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule

8:45 AM Arrival – Children change shoes, use the bathroom, wash hands, say goodbye to parents /caregivers at the classroom door and join the teacher at the table for the morning activity to begin the day.
9:00 AM Free Play – Children engage their imagination and social skills through engaging with friends and our open-ended toys and classroom environment.
9:45 AM Children and teachers tidy up the classroom environment and use the bathroom.
10:10 AM Circle time followed by a story and then all lie down on sheepskins for a 10 minute rest and quiet time.
10:30 AM Snack Time – Children take turns passing out napkins, tea, and snack.
A blessing is said giving thanks for our food. Children practice table manners and take turns telling stories.
10:50 AM Children use the bathroom and dress for outside play.
11:15 AM Outside play time
12:15 PM Children get picked up on the playground to go home.
Schedule for our Afternoon Garden Program
12:15 PM Children go inside, change to indoor shoes, use the bathroom and sing their way to the classroom for lunch followed by indoor play time.
1:15 PM Nap Time
2:15 PM Outdoor Play Time
3:15 PM Children are picked up to go home