Festival & Annual Events

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Harvest Festival

The Black River School curriculum follows the seasons. Our circle for the first three weeks of school is about water. The children learn movements to Robert Louis Stevenson’s  poem “The rain is raining all around.” We practice neuro motor balance with our pirate song allowing the children to live in their imaginations while growing their intellectual brain. We journey to the Queen of the fairies asking for the fairy dance to help with much needed rain. We sing and move to our song about the mill with the water turning the mill  to grind the grain for our bread. Our Harvest Festival celebrates the earth that supports all life and our deep gratitude. We make bird feeders, corn people from corn husks, dye silks, grind grain into flour, churn cream into butter, peel apples and more.


Fall Lantern Class

Come join us for the first in our series of after-school classes. This class is open to students ages 2 and older. Children must be accompanied by an adult. $25.00 per child payable at the door. We accept cash and checks. Registration is required as space is limited.

Lantern Festival

In the season of autumn when the days grow shorter and darker we go out into the twilight with the children carrying their lanterns. This gift of sunlight the children carry before them is gradually transformed from the outer light of the sun in summer to an inner light as we move toward Advent and Christmas. It is these gestures in our celebrations that help to awaken wonder in children.

Come join us for our Lantern Festival and light a spark of wonder in your child. There will be singing, storytelling and a warm snack as we gather around the fire. All are welcome! Please make a lantern at home to bring with you or we may have extras. Miss Autumn will join us to light our lanterns.

Lantern Festival

Winter Lantern Workshop

Please join us for an opportunity to create a seasonal project with your child and to learn more about our unique educational programs for children ages birth-kindergarten.

Art is an important outlet for exploration, self-expression and self-knowledge. At this workshop we will be creating Winter Lanterns that you can either take home with you, or let us use to enhance our upcoming Advent Festival which is open to the public. You can take your lantern home after the Festival to decorate for your family celebrations!

In addition to creating the lanterns, we will be making bread and sharing the warm, welcoming experience of our daily circle and story time, designed to allow interested new families the opportunity to learn about our programs and daily routine. We will have some current families available for answering any questions while the children play on our playground, weather permitting.

Registration required. 

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Advent Festival

Join the Black River Preschool Families at our annual Advent spiral Walk.

Each year in December, near or on the Winter Solstice,  parents gather greens and come together to build a spiral that they will walk in silence with their children, setting an intention to recapture the true spirit of this holiday season.

The word Advent comes from the Latin word advenir which means ‘to arrive.’ Advent is a time of preparation; for children in particular it is the time of joyful anticipation.

Walking the spiral, we travel an inward path into the quiet center of the soul to find an inner fulfillment. As we walk the spiral and light a candle, we go to a source from which our own light can grow as we grow and develop, striving to be our best selves.

We extend an invitation to everyone to join us for a special opportunity to set an intention on this, the first day of Winter!

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May Day Festival

Join our Black River Preschool community at our annual May Day Festival.

The May Day Festival comes at the end of our school year and is a celebration of new birth and the Earth which sustains us.

Children sing and perform dances around the May pole after creating beautiful flower wreathes with their parents.

All Family and friends are welcome and invited to participate in this most beautiful celebration!


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