What Do Your Children Need Right Now?

In these uncertain times children need to feel your inner strength. They need to feel that they are being carried and held by you – their parents – who are tending to everything and most importantly, who are attentive to them and keeping them safe.


The child from birth to 10 years old needs to be held in a world that tells them- the world is good – and that you will keep them safe. Children need to trust in their world in order to venture out into it, take risks, and meet challenges with openness. Obviously, we are all restricted in these capacities for the time being but this is a time to meet these challenges inwardly and outwardly in the days to come at home. This is an opportunity to show our children what inner strength is, by how you respond to these daily challenges.


As the teachers of your children, you can build a sense of goodness and security in your daily routine/ rhythm which will provide an enormous sense of stability. It is a time to practice modeling kindness by finding the good all-around as you go through your day, especially the good within your children.


The stronger your daily rhythm the greater wellbeing in your family.


What do you need to say to them about what is happening right now?


For the child up to 8 years old – little to nothing – again reinforcing that the world is good. All you need to tell them is that the world has gotten a bad cold and we all need to stay home so that we can possibly avoid catching it. That’s all. Any more information than that is for the older children.

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